Alan Hastings

Alan Hastings rowing a boat

Position Title
Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science and Policy

  • Environmental Science and Policy
  • National Academy of Sciences
3136A Wickson Hall

I am interested in a range of topics in theoretical ecology and population biology, and more generally in mathematical biology.  

I am a Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy and I am also a member of the Center for Population Biology. I completed my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Cornell University in 1977 under the supervision of Simon A. Levin and have been at UC Davis(located in beautiful Davis, California) since 1979.

I accept graduate students throughApplied Math,  Ecology, or Population Biology. Prospective students should have a strong quantitative background and be interested in questions in population biology -- feel free to contact me or current or former students (as listed on people page, former students only under alumni).

I am the founding Editor in Chief of  the journal  Theoretical Ecology, published by Springer  To submit a paper, go here, for more information go here.  I am also the co-editor in chief of the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology.

I also coedited with Lou Gross The Encyclopedia of Theoretical Ecology, published by UC Press.